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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ok, finally...a blog for Thirst!

It has been a long time coming! As a former high tech manager  - you'd think I'd have grabbed onto blogging before. Just too busy I guess, and didn't think I had much to write about, but I do! Ah, and there's the three kids under 6...

I love Fall  / Winter and the food we have to select from. Just made a fabulous warm Brussels sprout, bacon, prosciutto and hazelnut salad. I used to HATE Brussels sprouts then discovered and manipulated a few recipes to perfect a great brown butter, maple, and roasted Brussels sprout recipe. Even my super picky 6 year old LOVES these! So inspired by the love of this - I have set out to create more Brussels sprout recipes at Thirst.  If you HATE them, but want to try a "No Thank You" helping, I'll give them to you!

OK - now the restaurant owner is me has to dish a bit. My goal is to teach by example and experinece - so either patrons of Thirst or or even patrons of other businesses can have more intimate insight into the day to day workings of a restaurant. People tell me all the time "I'd LOVE to own a restaurant!" We love it too - but like every job it has its joy, pitfalls and challenges.

So here's the deal... I can be WAY too trusting. I'll start by saying that luckily we have been blessed this holiday season with tons of booked parties! Thank you everyone for booking at Thirst after nearly 2 years with our party room - we have become a very popular place. However... I booked a party for a local business who 'bought out' our place, but then dragged their feet making a deposit. These folks canceled THREE days before their party! We had already turned away reservations for the Christmas Ships, other parties etc. So this was a bit devastating. We'll certainly survive - but here are my lesson(s):
1. I need to get more strict with bookings and deposits!
2. I as a patron, if you are ever booking a party at a small business keep in mind that you canceling can have severe ramifications on their business and their staff's paychecks!

'Til next time!

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