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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

We made it through 2009!
Highs: Great customers! New recipes and additions to the menu like Ahi Tuna, Chili, sliders / slider trio, gourmet pizza; The additons of cocktails  / spirits to our menu. Lots of Parties in the River Room!
Lows: Customers still not eating out as much - but we had our best December ever by nearly 100%

Going into our 5th year! We are so grateful for our customers, especially our regular customers who have supported Thirst for more than 4 years. On New Years Eve - some customers (who are regulars) told me that it is their 4th New Years Eve at Thirst. Another customer pulled me aside that evening and told me that she was proud of Gary and me for how we handled terminating our 'back of house' staff and jumping in. She thinks the food is the best it has ever been - that makes me feel very good. Another customer comes in at least once a week for my French Onion soup and Chili. He has traveled around the World and thinks that our food is some of the best he has ever had. We are not trying to brag - but are proud that we are still in business (will be 5 years in March) and our product is the best it has ever been. We have our customers to thank and our hard-working staff.

Industry insight: We were so proud to have fully booked reservations on New Years. We had a table or two for 'walk ins'. But learned some VERY important lessons that evening. 25% of our reservations NEVER showed up. Rude. We staffed and prepped for the number we had. When you 'no show' - it effects a restaurant's food cost, staffing and more. We had turned away a few reservations that evening - so a loss of sales x 2! We had staff cancel plans to work that evening - then not make as much as they should. Hard when rent was due the next day. So the lessons learned - 1. There aren't walk ins on New Years and 2. Next year we are forced to overbook or take credit cards to secure reservations. I heard that many people book 3-4 places and then decide where they feel like going that evening. Hmmmmm...not cool. The people that did show up had a great meal at a fantastic value 4 courses for $40! We plan to replicate this next year. It was fun!

Date Night!! Gary and I are going out tonight for a date night. It's been way too long. We really enjoy visiting friend's places and also checking out restaurants we've been too busy to go do. Toro Bravo here we come!